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Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics

ISSN: 2571-0915eISSN: 2571-0915

Estetika is a generalist journal in the field of philosophical aesthetics. We strive to publish high-quality research representing the diverse and rich European traditions in aesthetics. Our ambition is to build bridges not only between the Anglophone and continental traditions of aesthetics, but also between historical and contemporary views, between aesthetics and other fields of philosophy and academic research in general. Estetika is an open access, triple-blind peer-reviewed journal published twice a year. It is published by Helsinki University Press in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.

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Nordic Journal of Migration Research

ISSN: 1799-649XeISSN: 1799-649X

The Nordic Journal of Migration Research is a double-blind peer-reviewed, open access international journal that is cost free for authors and readers alike. The journal publishes theoretical and empirical analyses of migratory processes, dealing with themes such as nationalism and transnationalism, ethnic relations and racism, border practices and belonging. The journal gives priority to Nordic issues, but publishes articles also from other geographical contexts.

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Redescriptions: Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory

eISSN: 2308-0914

Redescriptions: Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory is an international refereed open access journal, which publishes contributions on the transdisciplinary study of concepts. In classical rhetoric, ‘redescription’ refers to a rhetorical move that alters the use of a concept in one respect or another. The journal draws attention to conceptual moves within political theory, conceptual history and feminist thought, and highlights political agency within these moves. Political and feminist thought in various forms, whether in philosophical, historical or contemporary terms, is published by the journal. Unique in its focus in political and conceptual contingency, Redescriptions has been published since 1997. Redescriptions welcomes original scholarly contributions on any aspect of political and feminist thought, especially studies that take the changing and contested character of concepts seriously.

All our previously published issues are freely available in our issue archive.

The journal was originally founded in 1997, and it was published by a Finnish publisher, SoPhi, under the title Finnish Yearbook of Political Thought (1997–2003, volumes 1–7). In 2004, the journal’s name was changed to Redescriptions, and its reach was extended to a more global audience with an international editorial team. During 2004–2014, the journal was published by Lit Verlag, a German Publisher, and it continued to appear once a year (Volumes 8–16). In 2014, Redescriptions started to appear biannually and at the same time it shifted under Manchester University Press (2014–2018, Volumes 17–21). From 2019 onwards, Redescriptions is published by Helsinki University Press (HUP).

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