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A Cor das Letras

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Sitientibus : Série Ciências Biológicas

ISSN: 1519-6097eISSN: 2238-4103
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ISSN: 0361-6525

The serial SOCIOBIOLOGY, published by California State University Chico, was founded by its present editor in 1975 to provide a more timely publication of quality papers by researchers of social animals. The serial has grown substantially since it was first published and as a result of the growth in computer based technologies, improvement in quality has been made as well. Over the years the majority of the papers have dealt with, but are not limited to, the various aspects of the biology of social insects such as termites and ants along with many of the insects associated with them.This web site has been produced to assist in providing insight on current investigations of social animals. Several links have been provided to direct individuals to subscription information and abstracts of articles beginning with volume 39, number 3, 2002.

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