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3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

ISSN: 2329-7662eISSN: 2329-7670
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AIDS Patient Care and STDs

ISSN: 1087-2914eISSN: 1557-7449

Patients with AIDS are living longer than ever before, due to new medications and therapeutic regimens. AIDS Patient Care and STDs is the leading journal for clinicians, enabling you to keep pace with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field by providing the latest research and advances in diagnostics and therapeutics designed to prolong the lifespan of patients and improve their quality of life.AIDS Patient Care and STDs covers:• Prominent AIDS medications, therapies, and antiretroviral agents• HIV/AIDS-related diseases, infections, and complications• Challenges of medication adherence• Current prevention techniques for HIV• The latest news and developments on other STDsIncluded in the Brandon/Hill Library List of Recommended Medical Journals .

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AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses

ISSN: 0889-2229eISSN: 1931-8405

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses has been the leading scientific journal in the field for over 25 years. This core journal for researchers in HIV, human retroviruses, and their associated diseases provides the broadest coverage from molecular biology to clinical studies and outcomes research.The Journal provides cutting-edge papers on the latest developments and research advances, including: Molecular biology of HIV and SIV Innovative developments in HIV vaccine research Molecular and cellular basis of HIV pathogenesis Rapid publication of emerging sequence information Molecular biology, immunology, and pathogenesis of HTLV infections HIV/HTLV epidemiology Examination of targeted antiretroviral agents Pharmacology of HIV therapy Development of novel therapeutic and immuno-restorative approaches Clinical trials of antiretroviral agents and much more... The Official Journal of the International Retrovirology Association.

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ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies

ISSN: 1540-658XeISSN: 1557-8127

ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies is the only authoritative, peer-reviewed journal that provides early-stage screening techniques and tools that enable you to optimize and identify novel leads and targets for new drug development.Each issue includes: Assay design and target development High throughput technologies and chemistry Technology reviews Lab automation and sample management Data analysis and information management Bioinformatics, data mining, and virtual screening Biosensors and detection technologies Miniaturization, microfluidics, and nanotechnology Novel screening methods with high information content Metabolically engineered cells and organisms Imaging technologies for live cells, tissues, and small animals.

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Advances In Wound Care

ISSN: 2162-1918eISSN: 2162-1934
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Alternative and Complementary Therapies

ISSN: 1076-2809

practical information for integrating alternative therapies and approaches into private practice or hospital integrative medicine programs. The Journal offers the latest research and top thinking in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as it relates to key areas such as the prevention and treatment of chronic illness, mind/body approaches to disease management, and clinical applications of CAM therapies.Alternative and Complementary Therapies coverage includes:Integrative approaches for preventing and treating chronic illnessHerbal alternatives to prescription drugsNutraceuticals and their applications in clinical careFood as medicineThe biochemistry of natural medicinePractical approaches to creating and expanding a holistic practiceLegal mattersMedical literature reviewAcupunctureClinical applications of CAM therapiesMind-body approaches to disease managementAlternative and Complementary Therapies is under the editorial leadership of Clinical Editor Robert Rountree, MD and other leading investigators. View the entire editorial board.Audience: Holistic nurses and health practioners, alternative medicine specialists, acupuncture/acupressure practioners, massage therapists, and schools of Oriental medicine, among others.

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eISSN: 2689-4653
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Antioxidants & Redox Signaling

ISSN: 1523-0864eISSN: 1557-7716

Antioxidants & Redox Signaling is the leading journal dedicated to the understanding of reactive species as messenger molecules regulating signal transduction and gene expression. New research reveals that radicals, which have been known as damaging agents, can have the potential to be used for therapeutic purposes. This journal uncovers the expanding world of redox-based therapeutics—genetic, pharmacological, and nutritional.

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Applied Biosafety

ISSN: 1535-6760eISSN: 2470-1246
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Applied In Vitro Toxicology

ISSN: 2332-1512eISSN: 2332-1539
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ISSN: 1531-1074eISSN: 1557-8070

Astrobiology is the authoritative peer-reviewed international journal created as a forum for scientists seeking to advance our understanding of life's origin, evolution, distribution, and destiny in the universe. This multidisciplinary journal covers: Astrophysics Astropaleontology Bioastronomy Cosmochemistry Ecogenomics Exobiology Extremophiles Geomicrobiology Gravitational biology Life detection technology Meteoritics Origins of life Planetary geoscience Planetary protection Prebiotic chemistry Space exploration technology Terraforming.

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Autism in Adulthood

ISSN: 2573-9581eISSN: 2573-959X
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Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care

ISSN: 1557-1459eISSN: 1557-1467

Bariatric nursing is quickly becoming an area of nursing and allied healthcare specialization. Increasingly, healthcare professionals are encountering obesity in all clinical settings and must be adequately trained for the challenges and safety issues involved. There has been an exponential growth in the number of bariatric surgical procedures, including gastric surgery and banding, due to patient demand and the recognition that surgical intervention is the most effective treatment for morbid obesity.Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care is a peer-reviewed journal that provides the cutting-edge research, clinical protocols, and practical tools to provide optimal care for all bariatric patients whose health is seriously compromised by their high BMI and comorbid conditions. The Journal includes original articles, clinical reviews, roundtable discussions, Q&A, resources, and much more.

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Bariatric Surgical Practice and Patient Care

ISSN: 2168-023XeISSN: 2168-0248
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Big Data

ISSN: 2167-6461eISSN: 2167-647X
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BioResearch Open Access

ISSN: 2164-7844eISSN: 2164-7860
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BioResearch Open Access


biology, bioengineering, stem cells, systems biology, genetics, biochemistry, virology, neuroscience

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ISSN: 2576-3105eISSN: 2576-3113
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Biopreservation and Biobanking

ISSN: 1947-5535eISSN: 1947-5543

Biopreservation and Biobanking is the first journal to provide a unifying forum for researchers from academia, government, and industry in which rapid, authoritative, peer-reviewed communication of recent advances is provided in the fast-emerging field of biospecimen procurement, processing, preservation, and banking. The Journal publishes a diversity of articles focusing on current issues and problems related to the processing of macromolecules, cells, and tissues.

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Biosecurity and Bioterrorism

ISSN: 1538-7135

Biosecurity and Bioterrorism is a peer-reviewed journal providing essential guidance for the protection of society against bioweapons, and is a key resource for policy makers, scientific experts, and government officials. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the Journal covers research, innovations, methods, challenges, and ethical and legal dilemmas facing scientific, military, and health organizations. The Journal explores the unique issues posed by biological weapons and bioterrorism, offering important insight into how to develop the systems needed for these challenges.

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Biotechnology Law Report

ISSN: 0730-031XeISSN: 1557-8704

The leading authoritative journal since 1982 devoted to the evolving body of law and government regulation concerning biotechnology, particularly in the industries in which new products from these technologies are developing the most rapidly: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, food processing, energy, mineral recovery, and waste treatment. All legal aspects are rapidly reported, and critical and often hard-to-obtain documents are reproduced.

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Brain Connectivity

ISSN: 2158-0014eISSN: 2158-0022
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Breastfeeding Medicine

ISSN: 1556-8253eISSN: 1556-8342

This academic, peer-reviewed journal created by physicians dedicated, to the advancement of breastfeeding worldwide, provides a scientific forum on breastfeeding and human lactation. With the growing demand for the best evidence-based research advances, this interdisciplinary journal explores the immediate and long-term outcomes of breastfeeding. The Journal focuses on all medical aspects pertaining to breastfeeding and addresses the wide spectrum of research and clinical applications that impact upon the optimal care of mother and infant.

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Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals

ISSN: 1084-9785

Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals is a peer-reviewed journal covering cutting-edge biotherapy and innovative investigations of methods to improve cancer therapy. Includes more selective delivery of drugs, biologicals, radiopharmaceuticals, and other agents, and advances in delivery instrumentation and technology, with the aim of increasing efficacy of therapy, decreasing toxicity, and/or improving convenience of therapy.Topics include:• Pre-targeted cancer therapy• Clinical trials in cancer research• Antibody therapy and imaging• Tumor cell vaccines• Radioimmunotherapy• T-cell therapy• Molecular targeted therapy and imaging• Drug resistance.

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Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research

ISSN: 2578-5125eISSN: 2378-8763
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Cellular Reprogramming

ISSN: 2152-4971eISSN: 2152-4998

Cellular Reprogramming is the premier journal dedicated to this rapidly evolving field. Advances in reprogramming cellular mechanisms are transforming biomedical research and offer new insights on the etiology, development, and potential treatment of various diseases. The Journal emphasizes novel approaches for understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the phenomenon of reprogramming. The Journal publishes articles focusing on: * Somatic cell nuclear transfer and reprogramming in early embryos * Embryonic stem cells * Nuclear transfer stem cells (stem cells derived from nuclear transfer embryos) * Generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and/or potential for cell-based therapies * Epigenetics * Adult stem cells and pluripotency * And much more….

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Childhood Obesity

ISSN: 2153-2168eISSN: 2153-2176
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Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking

ISSN: 2152-2715eISSN: 2152-2723

Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking is the essential, peer-reviewed journal for understanding the social and psychological impact of today’s social networking practices. Highly regarded as the go-to source in the field, the Journal has followed the trend of social networking and virtual reality for the past 15 years. It is known for its rapid communication articles and in-depth studies surrounding the effects of interactive technologies on behavior and society, both positive and negative. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking coverage includes: Social networking on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more Virtual communities and blogging behavior Mobile device behavior Computer games and gaming e-Commerce and online shopping e-Health communication Internet addiction Cyberbullying Epidemiological studies of Internet use and behavior Addiction to cyberporn Virtual reality therapy Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Brenda K. Wiederhold, PhD, MBA, BCIA, Interactive Media Institute; European Editor Giuseppe Riva, PhD, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore; and other leading investigators. .

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DNA and Cell Biology

ISSN: 1044-5498eISSN: 1557-7430

DNA and Cell Biology covers the latest research in the field of DNA and cell biology. This peer-reviewed journal includes original reports and cutting-edge reviews on: Gene Structure, Function, and Regulation, including topics on genomic organization; the role of histones in gene regulation; the molecular mechanisms of cell activation; the role of NF-kB in cell biology; and the interaction of viral genes with the cell replication apparatus Molecular Medicine, featuring molecular pathogenesis; genetic approaches to cancer and autoimmune diseases; HIV immunopathogenesis; and innovative approaches to studying inherited diseases Comparative Biology, such as cell-cell signaling in bacteria, plants, and animals; gene orthologue comparisons; and model systems development Immunology, covering mechanisms initiating or regulating transcriptional, translational or epigenetic control of gene expression in the context of innate or adaptive immune cell function; special emphasis on responses to infectious disease agents and transformed cells, and on comparative immunobiology.

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ISSN: 1710-3568eISSN: 2162-5220

Dermatitis is owned by the American Contact Dermatitis Society and is the home journal of 4 other organizations, namely Societa Italiana di Dermatologica Allergologica Professionale e Ambientale, Experimental Contact Dermatitis Research Group, International Contact Dermatitis Research Group, and North American Contact Dermatitis Group. Dermatitis focuses on contact, atopic, occupational, and drug dermatitis, and welcomes manuscript submissions in these fields, with emphasis on reviews, studies, reports, and letters. Annual sections include Contact Allergen of the Year and Contact Allergen Alternatives, for which papers are chosen or invited by the respective section editor. Other sections unique to the journal are Pearls & Zebras, Product Allergen Watch, and news, features, or meeting abstracts from participating organizations.

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Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics

ISSN: 1520-9156eISSN: 1557-8593

Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics is the only peer-reviewed journal which provides healthcare professionals with information on new devices, drugs, drug delivery systems, and software for managing patients with diabetes. This leading international journal delivers practical information and comprehensive coverage of the latest technologies and therapeutics in the field. Each issue highlights new pharmacological and device developments to optimize patient care. The Journal fosters the development and use of new and emerging technologies to be applied to diabetes, including: Alternate insulin delivery methods Continuous glucose monitoring Artificial pancreas Computerized case management/telemedicine Detection and prevention of long-term micro- and macrovascular complicationsThe Journal publishes recent developments in pharmacologic therapy and device development with original papers, accompanied by analysis commentaries, on the performance of brand-name products.

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eISSN: 1942-9347
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Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics, and Policy

ISSN: 1533-1296eISSN: 1557-8062
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Environmental Engineering Science

ISSN: 1092-8758eISSN: 1557-9018

Environmental Engineering Science is the essential interdisciplinary journal in its field, publishing state-of-the-art studies of innovative solutions to problems in air, water, and land contamination and waste disposal.This online Journal covers applications of new environmental engineering and scientific discoveries, policy issues, environmental economics, and sustainable development.Topics covered include: Brownfields Climate change Complex and adaptive systems Contaminant fate and transport Ecohydrology Ecological engineering Environmental risk assessment and management Environmental sensors Environmental terrorism Green technologies Industrial ecology Nanotechnology Natural attenuation Novel methods of pollution prevention and control Sustainability.

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Environmental Justice

ISSN: 1939-4071eISSN: 1937-5174
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Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine

ISSN: 2689-3614eISSN: 2689-3622
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Foodborne Pathogens and Disease

ISSN: 1535-3141eISSN: 1556-7125

Foodborne Pathogens and Disease is a peer-reviewed, international journal publishing original articles and short communications on research and diseases caused by foodborne pathogens. The Journal includes timely reviews and special reports on topics such as agroterrorism and the safety of organically grown and genetically modified foods. Coverage includes: • Emerging pathogens • Emergence of drug resistance • Methods and technology for rapid and accurate detection • Strategies to destroy or control foodborne pathogens • Novel strategies for the prevention and control of plant and animal diseases that impact food safety • Biosecurity issues and the implications of new regulatory guidelines • Impact of changing lifestyles and consumer demands on food safety.

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Forensic Genomics

ISSN: 2690-8956eISSN: 2690-8964
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GEN Biotechnology

ISSN: 2768-1572eISSN: 2768-1556
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GEN Edge

eISSN: 2768-1580
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Games for Health Journal

ISSN: 2161-783XeISSN: 2161-7856

Games for Health Journal is the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the impact of game research, technologies, and applications on human health and well-being. This ground-breaking publication delivers original research that directly impacts this emerging, widely-recognized, and increasingly adopted area of healthcare.

Games are rapidly becoming an important tool for improving health behaviors ranging from healthy lifestyle habits and behavior modification, to self-management of illness and chronic conditions to motivating and supporting physical activity. Games are also increasingly used to train healthcare professionals in methods for diagnosis, medical procedures, patient monitoring, as well as for responding to epidemics and natural disasters. Games for Health Journal is a must for anyone interested in the research and design of health games that integrate well-tested, evidence-based behavioral health strategies to help improve health behaviors and to support the delivery of care.

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Gaming Law Review

ISSN: 2572-5300eISSN: 2572-5327
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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

ISSN: 1935-472XeISSN: 1937-8661
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Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers

eISSN: 1945-0257

Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers is the leading peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of genetic testing including molecular biomarkers. This journal is a forum for the development of new technology; the application of testing to decision making in an increasingly varied set of clinical situations; ethical, legal, social, and economic aspects of genetic testing; and issues concerning effective genetic counseling.With more than 3,000 genes identified, and over 4,000 diseases caused by genetic defects, genetic testing has become an increasingly important part of medical practice. For many inherited diseases, genetic testing provides the definitive diagnosis. GTMB is the definitive resource for molecular geneticists, genetic counselors, researchers, clinicians, and scientists who develop, perform, and interpret genetic tests and their results.

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Health Equity

eISSN: 2473-1242
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Health Security

ISSN: 2326-5094eISSN: 2326-5108
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Healthcare Transformation

ISSN: 2639-4340eISSN: 2379-9900
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High Altitude Medicine & Biology

ISSN: 1527-0297eISSN: 1557-8682

The first peer-reviewed journal dedicated exclusively to the latest advances in high altitude life sciences. The journal features the latest findings on the effects on lung and heart disease, appetite and weight loss, pulmonary and cerebral edema, hypertension, dehydration, infertility, and other diseases. Covers the full spectrum of high altitude life sciences, including physiology, pharmacology, comparative and evolutionary biology, anthropology, human and animal ecology, pathology, and pathogenesis.The Official Journal of the International Society for Mountain Medicine. Members of the society can access the e-journal via the "Members Only" section of the society website.

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Human Gene Therapy

ISSN: 1043-0342eISSN: 1557-7422

Other key features include a continuously updated directory of human gene marker and gene therapy clinical protocols, as well as ethical/legal/regulatory papers related directly to the area of gene transfer into humans.

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Industrial Biotechnology

ISSN: 1550-9087eISSN: 1931-8421
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Inside Precision Medicine

ISSN: 2770-2294eISSN: 2770-2308
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Integrative Medicine Reports

eISSN: 2768-3222
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Integrative and Complementary Therapies

ISSN: 2768-3192eISSN: 2768-3206
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Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology

ISSN: 2156-5333eISSN: 2156-535X
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Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery

ISSN: 1941-2711eISSN: 1941-2703

Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery is the only authoritative journal focusing on aerosol use in medicine, new drug delivery systems, cutting-edge research, and new innovative therapies and clinical applications. All aspects of aerosol research in medicine are covered including pulmonary drug delivery, airway reactivity and asthma treatment, inhalation of particles and gases in the respiratory tract, toxic effects of inhaled agents, and aerosols as tools for studying basic physiologic phenomena.

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The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

ISSN: 1075-5535

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine includes observational and analytical reports on treatments outside the realm of allopathic medicine which are gaining interest and warranting research to assess their therapeutic value. It includes current concepts in clinical care, including case reports that will be valuable for health care professionals and scientists who are seeking to evaluate and integrate these therapies into patient care protocols and research strategies.

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Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology

ISSN: 1044-5463eISSN: 1557-8992

Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology is a peer-reviewed journal covering the clinical aspects of treating adolescents and children with psychotropic medications. The Journal encompasses treatment techniques, clinical management, investigative research, and health policy.Coverage includes:• The most up-to-date information on new drugs and treatment strategies• Analysis of biological aspects of psychopathology• In-depth studies on the adverse drug effects following treatment of psychiatric disorders• Information on related areas of medical sciences• Related news and issues in child and adolescent psychopharmacology.

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Journal of Computational Biology

ISSN: 1066-5277eISSN: 1557-8666

Journal of Computational Biology is the leading journal covering the analysis, management, and visualization of cellular information at the molecular level. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed papers focusing on novel, cutting-edge methods in computational biology and bioinformatics. Topics include:• Genomics• Mathematical modeling and simulation• Distributed and parallel biological computing• Designing biological databases• Pattern matching and pattern detection• Linking disparate databases and data• New tools for computational biology• Relational and object-oriented database technology for bioinformatics• Biological expert system design and use• Reasoning by analogy, hypothesis formation, and testing by machine• Management of biological databases.

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Journal of Correctional Health Care

ISSN: 1078-3458eISSN: 1940-5200

Journal of Correctional Health Care (JCHC) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal featuring original research, case studies, and best practices on issues important to correctional health care professionals. JCHC covers clinical health care, health services and support, personnel and staffing, ethical issues, clinical services, medical records, continuous quality improvement, risk management, and medical-legal issues.

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Journal of Endourology

ISSN: 0892-7790

Cutting-edge Techniques & Technology Demonstrations! Easily Searchable!A subscription to Videourology™ is included in your subscription to Journal of EndourologyAbout Videourology™Videourology™ is an international online peer reviewed journal dedicated to publishing video contributions in urologic endoscopic treatment. Videourology™ is intended to enable physicians to learn, evaluate, and implement new surgical techniques and technologies in their surgical practice using the most up-to-date Flash, QuickTime®, and MP4 technologies. The flagship publication, Journal of Endourology, will stay focused on publishing articles while Part B, Videourology™, will accept original videos containing material that has not been reported elsewhere, except in the form of an abstract or a conference presentation.

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Journal of Endourology and Videourology

ISSN: 2152-4920eISSN: 2152-4939
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Journal of Gynecologic Surgery

ISSN: 1042-4067eISSN: 1557-7724
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Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine

ISSN: 2768-3605eISSN: 2768-3613
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Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research

ISSN: 1079-9907eISSN: 1557-7465

Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research provides the latest groundbreaking research on all aspects of IFNs and cytokines. The Journal delivers current findings on emerging topics in this niche community, including the role of IFNs in the therapy of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, the understanding of the third class of IFNs, and the identification and function of IFN-inducible genes.Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research coverage includes: Structure/Function Gene Expression Antimicrobial and Antiviral Activities Tumor Biology Growth and DevelopmentJournal of Interferon & Cytokine Research is under the editorial leadership of Editors-in-Chief Ganes C. Sen, Department of Molecular Genetics, Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Thomas A. Hamilton, Department of Immunology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation; and other leading investigators. View the entire editorial board.Audience: Molecular biologists, biochemists, immunologists, virologists, oncologists, and hematologists, among others.

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Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques

ISSN: 1092-6429eISSN: 1557-9034

Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques is expanding with the launch of a groundbreaking new videojournal to complement the flagship journal. The new online Part B, Videoscopy, includes peer-reviewed videos that enable physicians to see and evaluate new surgical and microinvasive techniques and apply them to their surgical practice using the most up-to-date Flash, QuickTime, and MP4 technologies. Online Only. Peer-reviewed.

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Journal of Medicinal Food

ISSN: 1096-620XeISSN: 1557-7600

Journal of Medicinal Food (J Med Food) provides the latest scientific research on the bioactive substances of functional and medicinal foods, nutraceuticals, herbal substances, and other natural products. The Journal explores the chemistry and biochemistry of these substances, as well as the methods for their extraction and analysis, the use of biomarkers and other methods to assay their biological roles, and the development of bioactive substances for use in the marketplace. International in its scope, the Journal brings perspectives from Korea, India, China, Japan, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Canada, the U.S., and other countries involved in the development of foods, nutraceuticals and other natural substances for the prevention and management of diseases and disorders.

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Journal of Neurotrauma

ISSN: 0897-7151eISSN: 1557-9042

Journal of Neurotrauma publishes peer-reviewed articles on the latest advances in both the clinical and laboratory investigation of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury. Combining insights on both clinical and laboratory studies, the Journal focuses on the basic pathobiology of injury to the central nervous system, while considering preclinical and clinical trials targeted at improving both the early management and long-term care and recovery of traumatically injured patients.

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Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics

ISSN: 1080-7683eISSN: 1557-7732

Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics is the only multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that covers basic and clinical research about biopharmaceuticals that have the potential to prevent, treat, and/or diagnose, ocular diseases and disorders.The Journal publishes manuscripts, reviews, and letters to the editor related to the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of biopharmaceuticals related to the treatment of the eye.

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Journal of Palliative Medicine

ISSN: 1096-6218eISSN: 1557-7740

Journal of Palliative Medicine is the leading peer-reviewed journal covering medical, psychosocial, policy, and legal issues in end-of-life care and relief of suffering for patients with intractable pain. The Journal presents essential information for professionals in hospice/palliative medicine, focusing on improving quality of life for patients and their families, and the latest developments in drug and non-drug treatments.Coverage includes:• The latest medical advances in pain and symptom management• Evidence-based protocols• Model palliative care programs• Clinical case reports• Guidance for working with patients and their families• Psychological and spiritual aspects of end-of-life care.

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Journal of Pancreatic Cancer

eISSN: 2475-3246
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Journal of Women's Health

ISSN: 1540-9996eISSN: 1931-843X

Journal of Women's Health is the primary source of information to meet the challenges of providing optimum healthcare for women. This authoritative peer-reviewed journal publishes the latest clinical and research papers on the medical health issues that affect women throughout their lifespan. The Journal is the core resource for cutting-edge advancements and clinical applications on new diagnostic procedures, therapeutic protocols for the management of diseases in women, and innovative research in gender-based biology that impacts diagnosis and therapy.Don't miss a single issue of this essential reference that provides a multidisciplinary approach, and complete coverage of all the latest advancements in the full purview of women's healthcare issues.

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LGBT Health

ISSN: 2325-8292eISSN: 2325-8306
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Lymphatic Research and Biology

ISSN: 1539-6851eISSN: 1557-8585

Lymphatic Research and Biology, a quarterly peer-reviewed journal, provides an interdisciplinary forum for the world's leading biomedical investigators to discuss current and anticipated developments in lymphatic biology and pathology.The Journal features fundamental scientific research of relevance to the lymphatic system. Original work emanates from a variety of investigative disciplines, including genetics, biochemistry and biophysics, cellular and molecular biology, physiology and pharmacology, anatomy, developmental biology, and pathology. The Journal also encourages the submission of state-of-the art reviews in focus areas such as vasculogenesis and angiogenesis, the genetics of lymphatic disorders, muscle cell biology, interstitial signaling mechanisms, and others.

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Medical Acupuncture

ISSN: 1933-6586eISSN: 1933-6594
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Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders

ISSN: 1540-4196eISSN: 1557-8518

Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders is the only peer-reviewed journal to focus solely on the pathophysiology, recognition, and treatment of metabolic syndrome. The Journal enables you to keep pace with new research, and better understand the key clinical implications and applications.Coverage includes: • Insulin resistance • Central obesity • Glucose intolerance • Dyslipidemia with elevated triglycerides • Low HDL-cholesterol • Microalbuminuria • Predominance of small dense LDL-cholesterol particles • Hypertension • Endothelial dysfunction • Oxidative stress • InflammationIn this era of explosive growth of diabetes and obesity the in-depth study of metabolic syndrome is an urgent priority. A suspected precursor to a wide range of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, gout, and asthma, metabolic syndrome is comprehensively covered in this Journal to meet the imperative for research, data, and commentary.

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Microbial Drug Resistance

ISSN: 1076-6294eISSN: 1931-8448

The powerful emergence and global spread of antibiotic resistant microbial pathogens and resistance genes in the 1990s presents challenges to a wide range of disciplines - from the molecular biology of resistance mechanisms, virulence genes, and disease through molecular epidemiology all the way to drug design, infection control, and medical practice. This international journal provides a multidisciplinary forum for peer-reviewed original publications as well as topical reviews and special reports.

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Monoclonal Antibodies in Immunodiagnosis and Immunotherapy

eISSN: 2167-9436
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Neurotrauma Reports

eISSN: 2689-288X
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New Space

ISSN: 2168-0256eISSN: 2168-0264
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Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

ISSN: 2159-3337eISSN: 2159-3345
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OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology

ISSN: 1536-2310eISSN: 1557-8100

Access the Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN)podcast interview with Eugene Kolker, PhD, Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle Children's Research Institute, and Editor-in-Chief, OMICS and Vural Ozdemir, MD, PhD, University of Montreal here:THE EMERGING FIELD OF NUTRIGENOMICSOMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology is the only peer-reviewed journal to span all the OMICS-es to date, including: Genomics (the quantitative study of genes, regulatory and non-coding sequences) Transcriptomics (RNA and gene expression) Proteomics (protein expression) Metabolomics (metabolites and metabolic networks)Additionally, the Journal explores advances in the era of post-genomic biology and medicine, including: Pharmacogenomics (the quantitative study of how genetics affects hosts' responses to drugs) Physiomics (physiological dynamics and functions of whole organisms)The Journal covers the integration of many areas of biology and reports on the latest omics research, developments, and discoveries such as: Physical mapping and sequencing Gene and protein expression Peptide identifications Bacterial coding capabilities Developments in plant research Spectral analysis methods.

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PHAGE Therapy, Applications, and Research

ISSN: 2641-6530eISSN: 2641-6549
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Palliative Medicine Reports

eISSN: 2689-2820
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Pediatric Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonology

ISSN: 2151-321XeISSN: 2151-3228

Pediatric Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonology (formerly Pediatric Asthma, Allergy & Immunology) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that provides advances in our understanding of pulmonary, allergic, and immunologic diseases of children. The Journal brings together these scientific communities to work towards improving the respiratory health of children. Pediatric Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonology emphasizes the developmental implications of the morphological, physiological, pharmacological, and sociological components of these problems, as well as the impact of disease processes on families.The Journal's expanded coverage includes: • State-of-the-art reviews • Original translational, clinical, epidemiologic research • Public health, quality improvement, and case control studies • Patient education research • Functional and genetic immune deficiencies and interstitial lung diseases • Interviews with experts in the fieldPeriodic state-of-the-art reviews focus on rapidly changing and/or under-recognized areas in the field. This specialized area of medical research provides the foundation and direction for further studies devoted to the optimal care of the infant, child, and adolescent.Pediatric asthma is our most common and costly chronic illness and its management proves to be more challenging every day. The Journal provides the latest clinical research and management strategies to apply in your daily clinical care practice.

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Planned Giving Today

ISSN: 1052-4770eISSN: 1937-4860
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Population Health Management

ISSN: 1942-7891eISSN: 1942-7905

This authoritative peer-reviewed journal, Population Health Management, reflects the expanding scope of health care management and quality. The Journal delivers a comprehensive, integrated approach to the field of population health and provides information designed to improve the systems and policies that affect healthcare quality, access, and outcomes, thereby improving the health of an entire population.

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Re:GEN Open

eISSN: 2766-2705
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Rejuvenation Research

ISSN: 1549-1684eISSN: 1557-8577

Rejuvenation Research publishes cutting-edge work on rejuvenation therapies in the laboratory and clinic. The Journal presents the latest research on the necessary molecular and cellular mechanisms for these novel therapeutic approaches to be most effective. Dr. de Grey and the Journal's outstanding international editorial board present key explorations and advances in the science of aging. The scientific developments presented by the Journal may ultimately contribute to achievement of the ultimate scientific goal of slowing or reversing the aging process.

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Soft Robotics

ISSN: 2169-5172eISSN: 2169-5180
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Stem Cells and Development

ISSN: 1547-3287eISSN: 1557-8534

Stem Cells and Development focuses on stem cells of all tissue types and their potential therapeutic applications. The Journal continues its tradition of providing a forum for animated discussion of contentious issues in conventional medicine.Stem Cells and Development covers: Controversial issues on stem cell research Stem cells of all tissues and organs Embryogenesis and adult counterparts of this process Physical processes linking stem cells, primary cell function, and structural development Transition from genes to physical effects: hypotheses and data Development of vasculature, CNS, and other germ layer development and defects Processes included in development: how the molecules work Pluripotentiality of adult stem cells The role of various mediators and how genetic factors affect development at a physical level Correspondence and concise, comprehensive reviews.

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Surgical Infections

ISSN: 1096-2964eISSN: 1557-8674

Surgical Infections provides practicing surgeons, infectious disease specialists, and investigators with comprehensive and authoritative information on the biology, prevention, and management of post-operative infections. Original articles cover the latest advancements, new therapeutic management strategies, and translational research that is being applied successfully to improve clinical outcomes. Surgical Infections also provides an understanding of immune and inflammatory responses, which is critical for surgeons to treat post-operative infections effectively.

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ISSN: 1937-0695eISSN: 1937-0709
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Telemedicine Reports

eISSN: 2692-4366
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Telemedicine and e-Health

ISSN: 1530-5627eISSN: 1556-3669

Telemedicine applications will play an increasingly important role in health care and provide tools that are indispensable for home health care, remote patient monitoring, and disease management, that encompasses not only rural health and battlefield care, but nursing home, assisted living facilities, and maritime and aviation applications.Advances in technology, including wireless connectivity and mobile devices, will give practitioners, medical centers, and hospitals important new tools for managing patient care, electronic records, and medical billing to ultimately enable patients to have more control of their own well being. As the nation once more addresses health care reform, the contributions of telemedicine need to be fully understood and appreciated and reimbursement policies must be in place for these applications.

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The CRISPR Journal

ISSN: 2573-1599eISSN: 2573-1602
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Therapeutic Hypothermia and Temperature Management

ISSN: 2153-7658eISSN: 2153-7933
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ISSN: 1050-7256eISSN: 1557-9077

Thyroid, the Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association, is the leading resource for thyroidologists, endocrinologists, and internal medicine specialists to stay abreast of current reviews, commentaries, and clinical management strategies on all aspects of thyroid disease and treatment.The Journal is an indispensable resource for endocrinologists to stay up to date on the latest studies on thyroid diseases (thyroid dysfunction, workup of thyroid nodules, management of thyroid cancer), and other common disorders encountered in endocrine practice.Relevant for researchers in cell biology (autoimmunity, signaling, and hormone action), physiology, carcinogenesis, development, and genetics, Thyroid is also critical to a wide range of specialties including: internal medicine, endocrine surgery, pediatrics, OB/GYN, radiology, nuclear medicine, and pathology.Entering its 21st year, Thyroid remains unique in blending basic papers, clinical studies, and patient-focused reports, and is:* The repository for the best peer-reviewed translational research and clinical management in the field, offering online ahead-of-print publication* Covers all aspects of thyroid disease from primary care to clinical research* Global in scope, providing access to the most current research worldwide* The exclusive source for the Authoritative and Updated ATA Guidelines for Managing Thyroid Disease.

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Tissue Engineering Part A

ISSN: 1937-3341eISSN: 1937-335X
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Tissue Engineering Part B: Reviews

ISSN: 1937-3368eISSN: 1937-3376

Tissue Engineering is the premier biomedical journal that brings together the principles of engineering and life sciences to generate new tissue development. It is a forum for groundbreaking scientific research and clinical application from the leading experts in the field. This multidisciplinary journal publishes cutting-edge, breakthrough research and applications on all aspects of tissue growth and regeneration.Anthony Atala, member of the Executive Editorial Board, when interviewed on a 60 Minutes segment, spoke about Regenerative Medicine and current developments in growing body parts. Dr. Atala is the director at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which is currently growing various tissues for regenerating several body parts including bladders and kidneys, providing endless possibilities for the future of this field.During the interview, Dr. Atala explained “…the hope of the field is that some day we can provide replacement tissues and organs that can be used to help transplant patients who are waiting for organs to survive. Every organ in our body contains special stem cells that are unique to each body part. The key to regeneration is to isolate and then multiply those cells until there are enough to cover a mold of that particle body part.” The field of tissue engineering provides infinite possibilities in bioengineering and life science processes. .

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Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods

ISSN: 1937-3384eISSN: 1937-3392

issue Engineering is the premier biomedical journal that brings together the principles of engineering and life sciences to generate new tissue development. It is a forum for groundbreaking scientific research and clinical application from the leading experts in the field. This multidisciplinary journal publishes cutting-edge, breakthrough research and applications on all aspects of tissue growth and regeneration.Anthony Atala, member of the Executive Editorial Board, when interviewed on a 60 Minutes segment, spoke about Regenerative Medicine and current developments in growing body parts. Dr. Atala is the director at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which is currently growing various tissues for regenerating several body parts including bladders and kidneys, providing endless possibilities for the future of this field.During the interview, Dr. Atala explained “…the hope of the field is that some day we can provide replacement tissues and organs that can be used to help transplant patients who are waiting for organs to survive. Every organ in our body contains special stem cells that are unique to each body part. The key to regeneration is to isolate and then multiply those cells until there are enough to cover a mold of that particle body part.” The field of tissue engineering provides infinite possibilities in .

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Tissue Engineering, Parts A, B, and C

ISSN: 2152-4947eISSN: 2152-4955
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Transgender Health

ISSN: 2688-4887eISSN: 2380-193X
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Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases

ISSN: 1530-3667eISSN: 1557-7759

Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases is the first, authoritative peer-reviewed journal dedicated to diseases transmitted to humans by invertebrate vectors or non-human vertebrates. The Journal covers a widespread group of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases including bacterial, chlamydial, rickettsial, viral, and parasitic zoonoses and provides a unique platform for basic and applied disease research.

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Violence and Gender

ISSN: 2326-7836eISSN: 2326-7852
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Viral Immunology

ISSN: 0882-8245eISSN: 1557-8976

Viral Immunology is a peer-reviewed journal centralizing on the growing body of research in viral immunology, with papers on clinical, veterinary, and laboratory research. This journal is essential for virologists, immunologists, microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, research and development scientists, epidemiologists, veterinary researchers, and other professionals who need to be kept up to date on all aspects of viral immunology. Topics covered include: • Human and animal viral immunology • Research and development of viral vaccines, including field trials • Immunological characterization of viral components • Virus-based immunological diseases, including autoimmune syndromes • Pathogenic mechanisms • Viral diagnostics • Tumor and cancer immunology with virus as the primary factor • Viral immunology methods .

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Women's Health Reports

eISSN: 2688-4844
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ISSN: 1545-8547eISSN: 1557-8542

The only peer-reviewed journal to focus on the zebrafish, which has many valuable features as a model organism for study of vertebrate development. Due to its prolific reproduction and the external development of the transparent embryo, the zebrafish is a prime model for genetic and developmental studies, as well as research in toxicology and genomics. While genetically more distant from humans, the vertebrate zebrafish nevertheless has comparable organs and tissues, such as heart, kidney, pancreas, bones, and cartilage.Demand for zebrafish at National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been fast growing as word spreads that the tiny, black-striped creature makes an excellent supplement and, in some cases, alternative to lab mice for research. Zebrafish also includes research with other aquarium species such as medaka, Fugu, and Xiphophorus.

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